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Skin Irregularities Treatment

skin tags, sebaceous hyperplasia, broken capillaries, sun spots, spider veins

  • 15 min
  • Starting at $30
  • North National Court

Service Description

Skin Irregularities Treatment $90 (15 minutes) $50 (1-4 Spots) $60(15 minutes add-on) $30 (1-4 spots add-on) ​ The Zemits ForigiNex uses high frequency to treat minor skin irregularities in one dramatic treatment without penetrating the surface of the skin. Immediate results within seconds. ​ Treats: Broken Capillaries (face and entire body) Spider veins Cherry Angiomas Keratosis Sebaceous Hyperplasia Skin Tags Sun Spots Milia Blackheads/pimples ​ In most cases you will leave the treatment with the areas completely gone. Sun spots may turn to a darker crust and flake away in 1-2 weeks. Sebaceous Hyperplasia will crust and can take 1-3 weeks to heal depending on size and shape. ​ Treatments are quick with little to no discomfort. Some describe it as a slight pinch or hot pricking sensation that only last a few seconds. However, some areas are more sensitive than others and everyone's pain tolerance is different. Topical numbing cream is available for an addition $15 and will need to be applied 20 minutes before treatment. ​ Please Note! Large/Detailed Irregularites and Capilaaries can be stubborn and may require more than one treatment. ​ CONTRAINDICATIONS: Pregnancy Use of Acutane in last 6 months Severe Allergy to nickel Pace maker or Heart Condition High Blood Pressure (anticoagulatants may affect treatment)

Contact Details

  • 43506 North National Trail, Anthem, AZ, USA

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